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Command Description
/blockexp Block Exp Gaining
/unblockexp unblock to gain exp(if was blocked)
/showframes Show the amount of frames of the game in your computer.
/ping Show current ping to the server
/rep+ /rep+ PLAYER gives good reputation to PLAYER
/rep- /rep- PLAYER gives bad reputation to PLAYER
/tgt /tgt PLAYER makes your summons target PLAYER
/hold Holds your Summons
/free Frees Your Summons
/follow Makes your Summons Follow u
/showtime Show a counter in Seconds
/to /to PLAYER enables private chat to PLAYER
/tooff /tooff PLAYER adds PLAYER to your Ignore list (forever)
/who Show amount of people on Server
/fi /fi PLAYER checks if PLAYER is connected to Game Server
/setpf Set Player Profile
/pf /pf PLAYER shows PLAYER profile
/joinparty /joinparty PLAYER asks PLAYER to join party
/dismissparty Makes playerleave the party
/partyinfo Displays party Info
/ban Ban a player from Guild
/cleartooff Clean your Ignore List
/checkrep Checks your Player Reputation
/servertime Display Official Nemesis Server Time
/togglepartyinterface Toggle to none/small/big the party interface
/showexpbar Disable/Eable Experience Bar
/assist Makes your Summon Target same target than your Player
/showsummonevents Display the list of summon Events Coming
/afk Toggle your char to AFK mode (only on buildings)
/mapinfo Display Map Information and restrictions
/MonsterCount Show a count of total Monsters in Map
/togglepartyminimap Display your party members on MiniMap
/togglebufficons Toggle on/off the Buff Icons
/toggleskillbar Toggle on/off the Skill Progress Bar
/toggleautoreconnect Toggle on/off Auto Reconnect
/enableautoreconnect Enable Auto Reconnect
/disableautoreconnect Disable Auto Reconnect
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