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3.Fencing Weapons
5.Long Swords
6.Short Swords


List of Axes

Picture Name Shop PriceDmg Sml/MedDmg LrgFull SwingLevel
Light AxeLight Axe1001D6+0 (1~6)1D7+0 (1~7)39 Strength0
Light Axe +1Light Axe +13501D6+1 (2~7)1D7+1 (2~8)39 Strength10
TomahocTomahoc1802D3+0 (2~6)2D4+0 (2~8)52 Strength0
Tomahoc +1Tomahoc +17002D3+1 (3~7)2D4+1 (3~9)52 Strength20
Saxon AxeSaxon Axe2002D4+0 (2~8)2D5+0 (2~10)52 Strength0
Saxon Axe +1Saxon Axe +18002D4+1 (3~9)2D5+1 (3~11)52 Strength30
Knight War AxeKnight War Axe30002D6+2 (4~14)2D8+2 (4~18)104 Strength85
Double AxeDouble Axe5603D3+0 (3~9)3D3+0 (3~9)65 Strength0
Double Axe +1Double Axe +112003D3+1 (4~10)3D3+2 (5~11)65 Strength40
War AxeWar Axe7003D5+0 (3~15)3D6+0 (3~18)104 Strength0
War Axe +1War Axe +120003D5+1 (4~16)3D6+1 (4~19)104 Strength60
Battle AxeBattle Axe35003D8+0 (3~24)3D9+0 (3~27)169 Strength0
Battle Axe +1Battle Axe +160003D8+1 (4~25)3D9+1 (4~28)169 Strength110


List of Bows

Picture Name Shop PriceDmg Sml/MedDmg LrgFull SwingLevel
Composite BowComposite Bow30001D6+0 (1~6)1D6+0 (1~6)65 Strength70
Short BowShort Bow1001D6+0 (1~6)1D6+0 (1~6)52 Strength0
Long BowLong Bow2001D7+0 (1~7)1D7+0 (1~7)65 Strength0
Fire-BowFire-Bow60002D5+0 (2~10)2D5+0 (2~10)78 Strength70
Direction BowDirection Bow70002D6+0 (2~12)2D6+0 (2~12)104 Strength70

Fencing Weapons

List of Fencing Weapons

Picture Name Shop PriceDmg Sml/MedDmg LrgFull SwingLevel
RapierRapier3001D7+0 (1~7)1D10+0 (1~10)39 Strength0
Rapier +1Rapier +113001D7+1 (2~8)1D10+1 (2~11)39 Strength30
EsterkEsterk4001D8+0 (1~8)1D12+0 (1~12)52 Strength0
Esterk +1Esterk +18001D8+1 (2~9)1D12+1 (2~13)52 Strength20


List of Hammers

Picture Name Shop PriceDmg Sml/MedDmg LrgFull SwingLevel
HammerHammer60003D7+1 (4~22)3D9+0 (3~27)156 Strength0
Battle HammerBattle Hammer90003D8+1 (4~25)3D10+1 (4~31)182 Strength110
Barbarian Battle HammerBarbarian Battle Hammer150003D9+2 (5~29)3D10+2 (5~32)195 Strength110

Long Swords

List of Long Swords

Picture Name Shop PriceDmg Sml/MedDmg LrgFull SwingLevel
SabreSabre1501D8+0 (1~8)1D9+0 (1~9)65 Strength0
Sabre +1Sabre +16001D8+1 (2~9)1D9+0 (1~9)65 Strength20
Long SwordLong Sword1801D9+0 (1~9)1D10+0 (1~10)78 Strength0
Long Sword +1Long Sword +16501D9+1 (2~10)1D10+1 (2~11)78 Strength25
ScimitarScimitar2001D10+0 (1~10)1D12+0 (1~12)78 Strength0
Scimitar +1Scimitar +18001D10+1 (2~11)1D12+1 (2~13)78 Strength30
FalchionFalchion2501D12+0 (1~12)2D7+0 (2~14)78 Strength0
Falchion +1Falchion +110001D12+1 (2~13)2D7+1 (3~15)78 Strength35
Broad SwordBroad Sword2502D7+0 (2~14)2D8+0 (2~16)78 Strength0
Broad Sword +1Broad Sword +111002D7+1 (3~15)2D8+1 (3~17)78 Strength30
Bastard SwordBastard Sword3002D8+0 (2~16)2D9+0 (2~18)78 Strength0
Bastard Sword +1Bastard Sword +112002D8+1 (3~17)2D9+1 (3~19)78 Strength35
Knight Great SwordKnight Great Sword35002D8+2 (4~18)2D10+2 (4~22)104 Strength85
ClaymoreClaymore4002D9+0 (2~18)2D10+0 (2~20)91 Strength0
Claymore +1Claymore +118002D9+1 (3~19)2D10+1 (3~21)91 Strength40
Great SwordGreat Sword5002D10+0 (2~20)2D11+0 (2~22)104 Strength0
Great Sword +1Great Sword +123002D10+1 (3~21)2D11+1 (3~23)104 Strength50
Knight FlamebergeKnight Flameberge37002D10+2 (4~22)2D12+2 (4~26)130 Strength95
FlamebergeFlameberge7002D11+0 (2~22)2D12+0 (2~24)130 Strength0
Flameberge +1Flameberge +133002D11+1 (3~23)2D12+1 (3~25)130 Strength60
Giant SwordGiant Sword80002D11+3 (5~25)2D12+3 (5~27)156 Strength100
Black Shadow SwordBlack Shadow Sword100002D12+3 (5~27)2D13+3 (5~29)182 Strength120

Short Swords

List of Short Swords

Picture Name Shop PriceDmg Sml/MedDmg LrgFull SwingLevel
DaggerDagger251D5+0 (1~5)1D4+0 (1~4)0 Strength0
Dagger +1Dagger +11001D5+1 (2~6)1D4+1 (2~5)0 Strength10
Short SwordShort Sword501D6+0 (1~6)1D5+0 (1~5)26 Strength0
Short Sword +1Short Sword +12001D6+1 (2~7)1D5+1 (2~6)26 Strength10
Main GaucheMain Gauche501D7+0 (1~7)1D6+0 (1~6)26 Strength0
Main Gauche +1Main Gauche +12001D7+1 (2~8)1D6+1 (2~7)26 Strength15
GradiusGradius901D8+0 (1~8)1D7+0 (1~7)26 Strength0
Gradius +1Gradius +13501D8+1 (2~9)1D7+1 (2~8)26 Strength20


List of Wands

Picture Name Shop PriceDmg Sml/MedDmg LrgFull SwingLevel
Magic Wand (MS0)Magic Wand (MS0)10002D4+0 (2~8)2D4+0 (2~8)39 Strength30
Magic Wand (MS10)Magic Wand (MS10)25002D4+0 (2~8)2D4+0 (2~8)39 Strength40
Magic Wand (MS20)Magic Wand (MS20)50002D4+0 (2~8)2D4+0 (2~8)39 Strength50
Wizard Magic Wand (MS10)Wizard Magic Wand (MS10)55002D4+0 (2~8)2D4+0 (2~8)39 Strength90
Wizard Magic Wand (MS20)Wizard Magic Wand (MS20)60002D4+0 (2~8)2D4+0 (2~8)39 Strength95

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