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Helbreath Nemesis Portal
To make use of any Helbreath Nemesis services you are expected to follow the code of conduct detailed below. Not knowing the rules is not an excuse for breaking them.
Both the rules of Helbreath Nemesis for in-game and in the forum are assumed to be known by all players, and it is their own responsibility to read and know the rules. rules of the server you are playing on. If you make use of the forum it is also YOUR responsibility to know the rules of the forum aswell.
This means that ignorance is not an excuse, effectivly this means that you will NOT be excused if you say you didn't know it was a rule/against the rules.
NOTE: We reserve the right to change, edit, add or modify any rules at anytime without notice.
Official Helbreath Nemesis Rules
IMPORTANT: Helbreath Nemesis DOES NOT support any type of trade with anything outside of the game itself, including cash or objects from other games and/or other servers of Helbreath. We know we cannot stop any of these transactions, but we want you to understand that you cannot recover any items lost during trades with external goods, EVEN IF YOU SAVED THE PROOF OF THE TRANSACTION (RECEIPTS OR OTHER FORMS). IN ALL CASES THESE TRANSACTIONS WILL BE UNDER YOUR EXCLUSIVE RESPONSIBILITY AND RISK. Helbreath Nemesis discourages these kinds of trades and recommends against the trade goods, including money or items from other games and/or Helbreath servers. We know we cannot prevent you from conducting any of such trades, but we want you to understand we also CANNOT RECOVER any losses endured during a trade with external trade goods. EVEN IF YOU HAVE PROOF IN THE FORM OF RECEIPTS OR PASSPORTS: these trades are at your own risk. We STRONGLY DISCOURAGE you to commit any of such trades! Also Denying or Disputing Payment System transactions will result in a Permanent Ban
IMPORTANT:Sharing accounts and items of Helbreath Nemesis is at your own risk. If you share your belongings, you also share the responsibility of them. Any action that is committed through the use of your account and/or your characters is responsibility of the owner of the account. If the account is blocked, it is not going to be unblocked and we will not recover any items from it, even if the BAN was applied to another person using the account. In the case of an infringement that we are required to ban an IP, we could also ban all IPs related with that account and/or characters. WE STRONGLY DISCOURAGE SHARING YOUR ACCOUNT AND/OR ITEMS!
Lexicon: We will not accept nor tolerate the use of any racist language or any form of discrimination or sexual harassment. If we find out that you are guilty of any of these actions, you will be liable to severe penalties, capable of reaching the termination of your account permanently in the game as well as in the forum.
Laming: The laming of EKs is NOT allowed. We don’t only search for EK lamers based on using the same IP address; we also take into consideration things such as time, level, place, and other factors that the GameMasters will use to judge a possible case of EK laming. The penalty for EK laming is a ban of your character’s account. We have developed a method that detects laming in a very efficient way. If you lame, it does not matter if you have done it for the first time or if you have been laming (a little or a lot), it will be detected and you will be punished. Consider this seriously, so that you do not mourn the loss of your account.
Macros: Using unassisted macros on your player is not allowed. This means that if you use macros or leave your mouse set to up some skill or ability without your help you must be in front of your PC monitor assisting the character. If a GameMaster asks you to do something or just asks you a simple question and you don’t answer, we will assume that you are AFK (away from keyboard) and we will penalize you appropriately. The GM’s do not need to know where you were when you were away, because we won’t accept any excuse (no matter how short the time). You are ONLY allowed to train the Shield skill AFK, because you are not using a macro to do this, as long as it is not accompanied with constant clicking to increase another skill. The penalty for breaking this rule will be determined by the GM handling the situation.
Respect to the Staff: We require all players to respect all of the staff of the game (GameMasters). Cursing at, speaking inappropriately to, or anything else that is considered disrespect towards a GM, can be penalized with a simple mute of the character for the time the GM thinks appropriate, or could go as far as the banning of the character. If you get instructions from a GM, follow them without asking for explanations or questioning them. NOTE: If you believe that a GM has abused his power, you can report them to the game Admins using the Tickets system on the main website under the section “GameMaster Abuse”. Please note that the claim will only be accepted if it has been sent by the character that suffered the abuse; claims made in favor of third parties (made for someone else) will not be accepted.
Mutes: If you are muted in the game and login with another account to continue arguing with the GM, either individually or using the General Chat, the mute will be prolonged, and if you continue to argue, the punishment could go as far as banning your account.
GM Activity: The GameMasters do not earn any money for their job or the time they spend doing this. Their activity is purely voluntary and we value their time, dedication, and experience. We will not tolerate any abuse to them, and any player that commits an abuse or harasses them, including people in the forums, will get an immediate suspension of their account.
Theft: The robber of accounts, passwords, and items related with the game and/or forum WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. People committing these activities will be severely punished when detected. The accounts, passwords, and items are the responsibility of their owners, and he/she must take care of them because even though we will punish the offender, we will not return your items. Keep in mind that GM’s will never ask for your passwords, and they don’t need to access your accounts for any matter (because we have other ways of keeping track of our players). If there is a player impersonating a GM, or a player that has a name similar to a GM, ask them to show you their glowing GM-Shield, which is the proper way of identifying them. Do not provide your personal information to anyone. We seriously recommend not to share your accounts or items, or to accept any type of cheats, macros, hacks, etc. These could just be a way to steal your account, so please avoid them as we will not replace your lost items.
Hacks: The use of Hacks and/or exploits, including the user of speeders (Speed hacks) ARE NOT ALLOWED. If we discover that you are using hacks/exploits, we will permanently ban your account.
Paks: Do not modify the PAK’s of Helbreath Nemesis in any way. Only use the provided modifications offered by the Auto Updater.
Spamming and/or Flooding: Spamming and/or Flooding, either in general chat, allied chat, or whisper is not appreciated, and will result in a mute of your character for a time determined by the GameMaster. Remember that logging into another account to continue the argument, spam, etc. will result in the GM raising your mute time, and could result in further penalties. Respect the GM’s decisions, and if you disagree or think he is abusing his power, send a ticket in the way explained in the NOTE of Rule 6 (Respect the staff).
Insults: Insults made in white chat in public places, in general chat or allied chats will be penalized with a mute, provided they are not accompanied by other misconduct that makes the action worse (racism, abuse, disrespect to a GM, etc.). If the insults are repeated by the player, the GM could BAN the account for as long as the GM considers appropriate. If you have a problem with another character, use whisper to talk to them and don’t involve the rest of the players in the game.
Monopoly of Pits: The monster pits are for all players, and no one can claim them for themselves or for a specific group of players. Do not monopolize (attempt to control) pits. If you don’t respect this rule, you can be sent to Bleeding Island or the GM can consider the case.
Begging for items: Do not ask the GMs for items, gold, or anything that specifically benefits you in the game; the GMs are not allowed to give you any such items or advantages. Do not compromise their activity or demand things of them. If the GM is bothered with such demands and sends you to Bleeding Island and/or mutes you, it will be your responsibility to endure the penalty. Most of the GMs are not able to create items, anyways.
Duping: Don’t dupe items. If you are caught duping items (and you will be), your account will be permanently banned. Depending on how serious of a case it is, your IP and accounts related to you could also be banned. The duping of Rep or any other advantage that players might gain from a bug will not be allowed. Play clean and fairly, use your own abilities and do not use illegal resources. Players using illegal resources will be severely punished.
Questions to the GMs: Do not ask the GameMasters about everything that is listed on the website, and do not ask them for Crusades, Heldenians, events, or to change the raid time. Crusades and Heldenians are automatically started by the server and will start on their own as they were programmed. If you keep asking the GMs to do this, it gets in the way of their job and may result in the GM muting your character. Please check the game’s website before you ask a question of the GM, as most of your answers can be found there.
Pretending to be a GM: If you attempt to deceive others by making them believe that you are a GameMaster in order to take advantage of them, you will be severely penalized. This includes making a character that contains [GM] in the nick, which could lead to players’ confusion. That symbol is reserved for the GameMasters only. The violation of this rule is a ban of the account that contains the character. Verification of a GM: Each GM has a GM-Shield that identifies him with the acronym GM in the center of his character while shining, and he can chat in green font in the GM chat. Players are permitted to require a GM’s demonstration to be sure that they are, in fact GMs, before fulfilling an orde
Bugs: As previously noted, any abuse of a bug could result in a permanent ban. There are no excuses; if you see a bug, just report it to the GM Staff using the Ticket System. Don’t take advantage of the bugs.
Blocking Buildings: Blocking the entrance of buildings (Shop, Blacksmith, CityHall, Warehouse, etc.) using your character is not permitted. It is only permitted to block the entrance with summons. If we see players blocking building entrances with their characters, we will send them to Bleeding Island or, depending on each case, banning the account where the character is, for up to a week.
Activity of Civilians and Travelers in Combat: Civilians and Travelers are not allowed to interfere in raids by bumping characters, giving the times of Pfa/Pfm/Amp, bothering boxes, etc. If you are a Civilian or Traveler, continue with your training. Don’t stay in the areas where a fright is in progress or you could be sent to Bleeding Island, and depending on the case, possibly a ban of your main account.
Town Betrayal: It is prohibited to help a character of the enemy city to kill your own city’s townsman (giving your town mate Pfa, paralyze, using detect on him, giving times of spells, or telling the enemy where your town mate is at in whisper or in regular Chat or General Chat, and/or any other form that represents any advantage that helps the enemy character win the battle) IS NOT ALLOWED. This activity will be punished by a ban of your account, length of which will be decided by the GM. You have the right to kill a citizen of your city if you have any problem with him, but at the moment a citizen of the enemy city appears you must stop attacking your town mate immediately and don’t help the enemy in any way to kill him. We don’t accept any type of excuse in these cases.
Ticket System: This system is the most efficient and quickest way to report an inconvenience, bug, to express any concern, or report a character or player. Do not use the forum for these cases. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to send a ticket as the GMs have the tools to verify and solve problems and answer questions correctly. Do not spam the GMs using tickets or spamming them by talking to them in the game (In General Chat, Whisper, etc.). It is easier for the GMs to solve your problem if you send them a ticket. In the game, it is extremely hard for a GM to handle multiple questions and problems at one time, and it’s easier to do it outside of the game, where they do not have dozens players asking questions at the same time.
In the case of a server downtime: Managers and Staff that take part in this server WILL NOT in any case be responsible for lost items, skills, majestic points, experience, EKs or any other problems generated by a roll back that could be caused by the fall of the server. Each player has the option to save all their information (including items, EKs, etc.) by logging his/her character out periodically and relogging each time they find it convenient. This does not take more than 10 seconds and is under the exclusive responsibility of the players. The GMs DO NOT recover losses.
Pulling: Any forced way of closing the Helgame that results in an advantage in the game will be penalized. The GMs that witness such actions or can verify them will punish the offending player(s). In NO case will a Screenshot taken by other players or the comments or reports of other players in general be valid as the only proof for such cases.
Markets: Abusing the Market places such as Auction House or Cash Shop (e.g. Requesting a refund, ...) will result in a permanent ban.
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