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How to Play

Creating an Account

You need a Steam ID to make a Nemesis Account.
Follow this link to create the account .


The Game should be installed and started from your Steam Library.

Character Classes

Each account allows you to have 4 characters in total. These characters can be either Elvine or Aresden.

Enter your name, and design the character as you want. You'll also have to pick your starter Stats "Warrior", "Magician" or "Master".

Warrior Warrior Example Buid Generally VIT, STR and DEX as main Stats.
These characters are close range attackers.
They have high defense since their high strength allows them to use stronger armor.
Also at Higher STR, warrior will be able to equip heavyer weapons.
Warriors are generally easier to level.
Mage Mage Example Buid Utilizing INT and MAG as well as a little DEX and VIT.
Mages are distance attackers as their low armor makes them vulnerable to physical attacks.
They have a variety of spells for defense and attacking, and can be quite powerful.
Also at Higher INT, will be able to learn higher Spells.
Mages are slightly more difficult to level than a warrior.
Master Master Example Buid Also called a "Guild Master".
This class is because it requires 20 CHR to create a Guild.
Not a good option for starters

Creating an Character

Now we are getting to the fun part, inside the game. You need to login with the account you have just created.

Click on Create New Character You can create 4 characters in each account. You are free to create as many accounts as you wish, as long as your e-mail address is valid.
Click on "Create New Character" to make your first character.
Create a New Character At the start you have 10 stat points you can add to your character.
You can change gender, hair style, color of hair, color of underwear and skin color.
At the bottom of the screen there are some character types you can choose.
Select Your New Character If you click at one of them, it will decide the stats for you, suitable to that play-style.
After we are done doing our character, we will try creating it.
Sometimes the character name is in use, and you have to try another name.
When your character is created you return to the character selection screen.
All you need to do now is double-click on your new character to play!

Character Stats

Each character has six specific points that can determine the personality of the character. As your characters level increases you obtain 3 additional stat points. Each stat point area can range from 10 to 200.

Name / Abbreviation Info
Strength (STR) The STR points defines the power of a character.
The STR points relate to the maximum load you can carry and the weight of item you can wield. All weapons have a STR requirement for "full swing speed". STR also adds a damage bonus to attacks. The higher your STR, the better armor you can wear. *LOOK ADDITIONAL INFO*
Vitality (VIT) The VIT Points define the vitality points of a character and the amount that is regenerated.
The more VIT you have, the higher your regen and the more effective "Health Recovery" Armor is.
Dexterity (DEX) The DEX points define the agility of a character.
If your DEX points increase, so do attack success and defense rating.
Intelligence (INT) The INT points define the intelligence of a character.
The more INT points you have, the more spells you can learn for both attacking and defense.
Magic (MAG) The MAG points define the magical ability of a character.
Increasing MAG points results in an increase to mana points as well as the amount of mana that is regenerated. The more MAG you have, the higher your casting probability is, as well as the speed of casting. MAG also gives a bonus to damage.
Charisma (CHR) The CHR points define the charisma of a character.
At 20 points CHR or above, you are able to create a Guild. Increasing CHR points enables you to buy items at cheaper prices.

At level 180 you can change your Stats by using majesty points.

Example use of strenght.: Short Sword: (10 - 26) minimum 10 strenght maximum 26 STR.
This means that this sword having achieved a maximum speed 26 strength, but if one exceeds this figure, the speed is the same as if you had 26 strength.
The (10 - 26) you can see it on any weapon that you buy in the Blacksmith, special weapons ask for the same amount of strenght. Except the weapons "Agile" & "Light", the first ones decreases 1% to the second number (the maximum necesary) and the seconds one less 1% to the minimum necesary.
Another function is to add strength damage for every 10 points of strength, you will have a bonus 2% on your shots.
Characters have a limited capacity to carry objects and running. The force will enable us to carry heavier objects, and have more stamina points (SP)

Inside The Game

Helbreath is a war between 2 citys. Aresden and Elvine
To be a Soldier in this war, you need to train your character to increase Level to be stronger, increase skills to get abilities, getting rares and statted drops to use, making quests for rewards.
The main goal is to increase level, so you can add 3 stat points to your character, which will make your role based on your stat choices and equipment.
Helbreath have a lot of Maps. and most of them are not safe from other city Enemys.
At the begining u can train in Barracks or Farms which is safe
When stronger and feels ready you can explore dangerous maps or get involved in fights, hunts, raids, market economy, and a lot of life in game activities.
This is how Helbreath looks like Finally we are inside the game, and we are going to train our character to a higher level.
You start at the beginner zone with some clothes, a few potions, a scroll and a weapon.
You start out as a level 1 character, and you can get all the way up until level 180.
You can attend to be a higher level when you kill the creatures you see.
In your bag you have a Revitalizing Potion, Health Potions and a Mana Potion.
You have a Dagger, and a Recall Scroll.
Press Tab to enter attack Mode. Equip the Dagger to attack something. Otherwise you will use your hands to attack, which isn't
very effective.
The inventory with your first items To equip the Dagger, press F6 to open the inventory where you will see all the items listed before.
Double-click on the Dagger to equip it.
You can stay at the beginner zone until you are level 19, then a text message will appear.
Quest picture guide Each Time You level Up. You Must Set your Stats based on your Build.
For a Warrior it will be important to Raise STR first, so can hold stronger and heavier weapons, and DEX to hit more or avoid hits
Mages should raise INT to buy more effective Spells and MAG to hit stronger with them
Choose City When your Character Level is 19, you have to join a city before you can raise more levels.
You can choose between Aresden to the Left and Elvine to the Right.
Choose City You Choosed a Side. You Need to Talk to cityhall Officer for the Request to join the Town.
When you are already a cityzen, Press CTRL+ 2 and cast Recall from Your Spellbook to go to the farm.
Choose City To learn Spells you need to go to Wizard Tower (you can use minimap in town to find it)
You need to Talk to NPC Sorcerer in Magic Shop to Learn Spell
Each Spell have an INT requirement, and a price in Gold
Once spell learned. you can use the spell from your Spell book on F7 and the belonging circle
Can also shortcut to Spells Circle with CTRL + number. (CTRL+6 for berserk)
Choose City Once in Farm. You Need to Equip to go to Barracks.
Make sure you have all what is needed for your Training.
You can use Recall to Farm until level 120 all the times you want.
In Blacksmith you can buy all related to Weapons / Armors
In Shop u can buy Mostly Clothes and Potions
In the Warehouse u can Deposit Your Items Safely.
Choose City In Barracks. You need to Hit Dummys to Increase Your Experience and progress in game.
Choose City To Learn a Skill first you need to Start it learning the first 20% from a Manual
Warriors usually start with Short Sword, Long Sword and Shield from BlackSmith
Mages needs mostly 20% Magic Skill to start. Which u can get on Wizard Tower if u dont have already
Quest picture guide If you find NPC with ! over head means it have a Quest For You
Choose a Quest, and Comlete it to get a reward
Quest picture guide Once Quest is Completed. Go back to NPC to claim the Reward.
Since the first Levels are easy:
For a Warrior, a good option is to start getting 130 STR so u can Full Swing a Long Sword Flameberge
For a Mage, get 50 MAG so u can start increasing your Magic Skill casting First. As the percentage increase, less fails. And 69 INT so u can buy Energy Strike Spell


There are a range of skills that you can have within the game, however your limited to 700% per character.
When you reach 100% in a weapon skill you obtain a special ability that allows you to make a Critical Attack .
This is a power attack that also increases the range of the weapon, each weapon has their own range.
The higher your skill the greater your chance of a successful attack, dodge or completion.

Combat Skills (Max 700%)

Magic Resistance Defensive Skill
100% skill = Level x2
Magic Skill Magic Attack Skill
100% skill = 50 MAG
Hand attack Hand Attack Skill
100% skill = 50 STR
Archery Weapon Attack Skill
100% skill = 50 DEX
Short sword Weapon Attack Skill
100% skill = 50 DEX
Long sword Weapon Attack Skill
100% skill = 50 DEX
Fencing Weapon Attack Skill
100% skill = 50 DEX
Axe Weapon Attack Skill
100% skill = 50 DEX
Shield Defensive Skill
100% skill = 50 DEX
Hammer Weapon Attack Skill
100% skill = 50 DEX
Pretend corpse Defensive Skill
100% skill = 50 INT
Staff attack Weapon Attack Skill
100% skill = 50 MAG
Poison Resistance Defensive Skill
100% skill = 50 VIT

Utility Skills (Max 400%)

Mining Gatherer / Gold Making Skill
100% skill = 50 STR
Fishing Gatherer / Gold Making Skill
100% skill = 50 DEX
Farming Gatherer / Gold Making Skill
100% skill = 50 INT
Alchemy Creation / Gold Making Skill
100% skill = 50 INT
Manufacturing Creation / Gold Making Skill
100% skill = 50 STR
Taming Creation / NPC Domination Skill
100% skill = 50 CHR
Skinning Creation / Gold Making Skill / Monster parts gathering
100% skill = 50 INT
Salvaging Creation / Retrieve stats from weapon & armor to Stat Gems
100% skill = 50 STR
Enchanting Creation / Upgrade Stat Gems / Insert stats from weapon & armor
100% skill = 50 STR


Game Commands

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