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2.Taming Items


Taming is performed by using a Taming Whip to tame a monster.
You require Charisma in order to gain Skill %. (50 Chr to have 100% Taming)
While training Taming you will continue to gain skill progression up and untill the maximum percentage for that specific monster.
After reaching the maximum you no longer gain skill progress but instead the amount of time you can control the monster is increased.

The Control percentage indicates how much total percentage of taming is required to fully control a monster.
If this percentage is more than 100, you require other tamers to assist you.
Up to 6 tamers can control a monster together.
For example to control a Gargoyle you need 125% taming. One tamer with 100% must initiate the taming, then more tamers must join in to assist the first tamer.
Once the total % of taming is 125 or higher, the gargoyle will be controller by ALL the tamers who have helped taming it.
In this example a second tamer is sufficient if he has 25% or higher taming.
Yet it is also possible to have 2 tamers join in, one with 15% and one with 10% will be enough to have 125% and control the monster. (the % can be different and up to 6 tamers can join together)

A tamed monster will not drop any items upon death and will not regenerate health. It can be fully controlled by the same commands as summoned creatures.
A tamed monster controller by multiple tamers will take turns in listening to the chose behavior/command.

The success rate of taming a monster is calculated based on the minimum and maximum percentages.
The minimum success rate is 5%. When you've reached the maximum % of a monster, your success rate is 100%.

Monsters cannot be tamed in Infernia A, Infernia B, Procella or Abaddon map.

List of Taming Monsters

MonsterMin %Max %Control %Max Time
Slime1%21300 sec
Rabbit2%22300 sec
Giant-Ant3%23300 sec
Cat4%24300 sec
Snake5%25300 sec
(Mage)Orc7%27300 sec
Scorpion8%28300 sec
Zombie10%30300 sec
Skeleton10%30300 sec
Clay Golem20%40300 sec
Stone Golem20%40300 sec
Hellhound30%50300 sec
Giant Frog30%50300 sec
Rudolph30%50300 sec
Cyclops30%50300 sec
Troll40%60300 sec
Ice Golem40%60300 sec
Cannibal Plant40%60300 sec
Direboar40%60300 sec
Ogre50%70300 sec
Tentocole50%70300 sec
Claw Turtle50%70300 sec
Giant Crayfish50%70300 sec
Beholder60%80300 sec
Giant Plant60%80300 sec
Mountain Giant60%80300 sec
Nizie60%80300 sec
Liche70%90300 sec
Minotaur70%90300 sec
Frost70%90300 sec
Stalker70%90300 sec
Giant Lizard70%90300 sec
Werewolf70%90300 sec
Dark Elf80%100300 sec
Master Mage Orc80%100300 sec
Ettin80%100300 sec
Centaurus80%100300 sec
Barlog90%110% (= never)300 sec
Demon90%110% (= never)300 sec
Unicorn90%110% (= never)300 sec
Gargoyle95%115% (= never)125%240 sec
Hellclaw100%120% (= never)150%180 sec
Tigerworm100%120% (= never)200%150 sec
Wyvern100%120% (= never)250%90 sec
Fire Wyvern100%120% (= never)300%60 sec
Poison Dragon100%120% (= never)350%60 sec
Lightning Dragon100%120% (= never)400%60 sec
Illusion Dragon100%120% (= never)400%60 sec
Earth Dragon100%120% (= never)400%60 sec
Black Dragon100%120% (= never)500%30 sec
Abaddon100%120% (= never)600%20 sec

Taming Items

List of Taming Items

Picture Name Shop PriceDescription
Taming ManualTaming Manual100N/A
Taming WhipTaming Whip100N/A

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