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Welcome to Helbreath Nemesis Portal, the best Helbreath Portal in the world.
Here you can find the most detailed Helbreath Information about Helbreath Nemesis.

Recent Changes:
06/06/2011 5:48 PM - Poison, Lightning, Earth and Illusion Dragon Drops Corrected.
06/06/2011 5:34 PM - All Monster Experiences added.
06/06/2011 9:59 PM - Necklace of Liche and Necklace of Beholder corrected.
06/06/2011 9:59 PM - Sleep, Scan, Hell Fire spell details corrected, Fury of Thor spell details added.
06/06/2011 9:59 PM - Nizie, Demon, Poison Dragon, Lightning Dragon, Earth Dragon, Illusion Dragon, Black Dragon, Beholder, Barlog, Mountain-Giant and Ogre Drops Corrected.
25/05/2010 7:54 PM - Alchemy Hair Style Potion Corrected.
03/02/2010 7:46 AM - Hero Helm Requirements Fixed.
01/02/2010 2:20 PM - Updated Monster Drops Lists, Magic Spell Details (Blizzard, Earth Shock Save, Hell Fire).
25/06/2009 3:30 PM - Added Sleep and Hell Fire spells + Updated Alchemy Skill for new Summoning Potions.
01/06/2009 3:00 PM - Fixed Enemy Kill Point amount listed for certain Hero Items.
15/04/2009 1:00 PM - Added all Maps to the Menu.
14/04/2009 5:00 PM - Added all Magic descriptions, Damages and Information.