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Helbreath Nemesis International

Back to the Origins of Helbreath. This will be a LOW Rate  Server.

Opening Saturday June 9 - 13hs NY

check your timezone here


abaddon Welcome to Helbreath Nemesis International.
This is our attempt for a remake of Old Helbreath International / USA configs.
We keeped Nemesis good fixes / improvements like Multi Quests and Guild Rankings, and we removed things like Dragonia, Taming and Helfire FOR NOW.Things can be introduced later as updates if neccesary, but the idea is to keep the server Original on the begining and use this features as updates when / if neccesary.
We do know experience x1 is hard but we added some Nemesis Chimi multipliers to it.
The Store will have mostly only Boosters which will be on a price people show buy them to trade inside game.
The Droprate...i will not give clues about. Live with it, maybe ur lucky. HUNT.
Hard Original Skill Formulas, Theres different ways to Boost them.
Buy Boosters, we prefer not to Rent Armor / Weapons, trade them inside game!
Promiseland & Noob Dungeon are connected and Max Level 120
Barracks Lvl 40

Raid Time
  • Monday no raid
  • Tuesday no raid
  • Wednesday no raid
  • Thursday 15 minutes
  • Friday 30 minutes
  • Saturday 45 minutes
  • Sunday 60 minutes
  • Server Settings
    Max Level Max Stats
    180 200
    Experience Settings
    Lvl Ratio
    1-120 x6
    121-160 x4
    160-179 x3
    180 x1
    Hero Settings
    Hauberk 70 EK
    Leggings 100 EK
    Plate Mail 200 EK
    Robe 130 EK
    Helm 100 EK
    Cap 70 EK
    aresden Hero Cape Hero Cape (+0 Damage) 300 EK elvine Hero Cape
    aresden Hero Cape+1 Hero Cape+1 (+1 Damage) 30 EK elvine Hero Cape+1
    aresden Hero Cape+2 Hero Cape+2 (+2 Damage) 60 EK elvine Hero Cape+2